1. The leaders we’ve talked to in healthcare delivery organizations want their organizations to be innovative.

2. Yet innovating in healthcare delivery organizations is difficult.

(But difficult shouldn’t mean impossible, right?)


3. Here’s a tool we’ve seen work for healthcare provider organizations around the country and across the care continuum.

It helps project teams consider the context surrounding the pursuit of innovation.

Understanding and appreciating context—the circumstances of a given situation—at the start (and throughout) of an innovation project is critical to eventual implementation and adoption.

4. What will be created?

Knowing that progress in today’s organizations requires crossing boundaries, navigating bureaucracy, and collaborating with multiple partners, it can be difficult to even get innovation projects started, let alone implemented.

Healthcare leaders require a way to capture the complexity of a project while simultaneously identifying a path toward execution. An approach that embraces the value of planning while acknowledging urgent timelines require faster responses than organizations have become accustomed to.

Read about it: Here’s a healthcare delivery innovation framework to make sure your next innovation project goes better than the last one

5. What must change to make the innovation real?

Implementing an innovation project requires leveraging the resources available for executing any strategy: people, process, and technology; and in particular how the mix of people, process, and technology resources will be utilized to deliver the service that will become the end product of the innovation project.

The People, Process, Technology Discovery is designed to aid a project team in considering what must change to actually make an innovation tangible through the implementation of a project.

Read about it: What must change to make innovation real?

6. You can download the framework by entering your email address here.

It will arrive to your inbox in short order along with instructions on how to put it to use.

(We won’t share your email address with anyone else.)

7. We believe it’s a good idea to ask questions while you’re innovating as well.

So here’s A (running) list of questions worth considering when starting the next innovation project in your healthcare delivery organization

8. This framework is part of our belief that every leader in a  healthcare delivery organization can (& should) innovate.

Most of what we put into the world focuses on convincing executives of an organization’s innovation potential when it actively supports smart, driven, and capable leaders by developing their implementation skillset, designs a service-oriented support infrastructure, and encourages new ways of working together.

9. In fact, every leader innovating in an organization is one prescription for Innovation Autoimmune Disorder.

Innovation Autoimmune Disorder is killing your organization’s innovation strategy: And why a heretofore taboo approach to organizational problem solving — vendors — may now be part and parcel to the solution

10. Also: Make (better) change happen by inviting more leaders to the table

Overcome the trust hurdle, invite more leaders to the table, and make your healthcare delivery organization better

11. That new innovation center could make the innovation problem worse in your healthcare organization; And why what you need instead is an innovation workshop

Need to make a change? Ready for change? Questions about change? Complete this form to start a conversation.



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