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Yes, A Headache-Free Healthcare Contact Center Technology Platform really can make it that easy.


Event Registration

Manage enrollment, track availability, advise on event details, and cross-sell related events.

Patient Tracking

Track patients, manage populations, and conduct outreach activities using CRM functionality.

Nurse Triage

Leverage an integrated nurse triage system built with Schmitt-Thompson triage guidelines and Healthwise content.

Customized Workflow

Match platform functionality to your organization’s unique workflow including supporting multiple customers.


Referral Management

Guide patients to appropriate network physicians, facilities, services, and partners.

Knowledge Base

Ensure your team shares consistent information with patients and is always up-to-date.

Phone System Integration

Integrate with your phone system and capture the benefits of system automation.

Start the Coffee Maker

Can it start the coffee pot? Or something else you need? Probably! Let’s discuss your call center’s unique needs.


Do-It-Yourself Reporting

Report like you’ve never reported before. Create any report you’d like in just a few clicks.

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Simple and Straightforward Pricing

Administrative (non-clinical) projects start at $36,000
(one-time implementation fee)

Clinical projects start at $50,000
(one-time implementation fee)
+ annual TriageNow licensing ($3,200 per nurse/per year)

A Headache-Free Healthcare Contact Center Platform
is built on the Salesforce platform and requires annual per user/per month Service Cloud licensing


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“Thank you for your reasurrance and the solution we needed.”


“We couldn’t have done this without your guidance.”

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